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Property Tax & Excess Proceeds
Property tax is the tax levied on real estate by government authorities, such as school districts, cities, and counties.  Because Texas has no personal income tax, the government derives much of its revenue from property taxes.  In Texas, it is each property owner's responsibility to verify that they pay only the legally required amount of taxes.  This firm endeavors to minimize the property taxes paid by our clients.

When property taxes are not paid, the government may foreclose on the property, and sell the property at auction.  The money from the tax sale is used to pay the past due taxes, but any remaining money belongs to the former owners, or lienholders, of the property.  This extra money is called excess proceeds.  Every year, this firm represents several dozen claimants for excess proceeds.

  • Valuation protests with County Appraisal Districts: land and commercial real estate only--no houses
  • Valuation protests with Appraisal Review Boards: land and commercial real estate only--no houses
  • Advice and analysis for tax foreclosure sale investors
  • Redemption of property after a tax foreclosure
  • Excess proceeds from tax foreclosure sales

Sample Clients:
  • Valuation protests: multiple unimproved real property (land)
  • Valuation protests: multiple commercial real estate
  • Redemption: multiple clients and properties
  • Excess Proceeds: represented hundreds of claimants to excess proceeds in the Tax Courts in: Bexar (San Antonio), Dallas, Galveston, Harris (Houston), Tarrant (Fort Worth), Travis (Austin), and others
  • Author of 2009 amendment to Texas Property Tax Code
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